Comparison of Phen375

Nowadays, one of the most popular dietary supplements is Phen375. The effect of this dietary supplement is aimed at suppressing the appetite, which reduces the volume of food intake and prevents overeating.

At the global pharmaceutical market, other drugs are present, which, just like Phen375, effectively suppress appetite, but have different ingredients and a different mechanism of action.

Phentermine and Phen375

Phen375 is a dietary supplement, which is sold without a prescription, Phentermine is a prescription drug, a centrally acting anorectic. Despite the great similarity in the name, these two drugs are very different, and differ from each other by:

  • action mechanism
  • mode of application
  • side effects
  • active ingredients
  • duration of use
  • duration of the anorectic effect

As a result of the synergistic action of natural ingredients, Phen375 effectively suppresses the appetite, speeds up the metabolic processes in the body, thus enabling fat burning and gradual weight loss.

Phen375, compared with Phentermine, has less impact on the human central nervous system and doesn’t cause palpitations. Unlike Phentermine, which is recommended for use within no more than 3 months, Phen375 may be used for a long time, until the person remains satisfied with his body.

Two Phen375 pills a day will help an obese person get rid of hunger and effectively reduce his appetite.

  • The recommended Phentermine dose is one tablet daily in the morning. Evening administration of the anorectic Phentermine may cause insomnia or other side effects.

Phen375 promotes a gradual weight loss and does not cause side effects, while Phentermine promotes a rapid weight loss and may cause unwanted reactions in some cases.

Unlike Phen375, Phentermine helps suppress appetite by stimulating parts of the brain, responsible for the feeling of satiety and appetite.

  • Phentermine brings a powerful appetite suppression, which may last up to 20 hours, and promotes a quick weight loss.
  • At the same time, it should be noted that this anorectic may contribute to serious side effects, which may bring a lot of discomfort to an obese person.

Phentermine has a more powerful anorexigenic effect than Phen375, but may contribute to the dependency and serious side effects.

Phen375 promotes a gradual and safe weight loss. Losing weight goes as comfortable as possible with no risk to human health.

Phen375 and PhenQ

  • PhenQ, just like Phen375, is also a dietary supplement, used for weight loss.

Both supplements are the best solution for people, who want to lose weight, but can not cope with the increased appetite and constant hunger.

The main difference between the Phen375 and PhenQ is the quantitative composition of ingredients.

Both dietary supplements include:



Chromium picolinate

Calcium carbonate

In addition to these ingredients, PhenQ tablets contain two patented complexes of natural ingredients that promote intense calories burning:

  • α-Lacys reset (speeds up metabolism)
  • capsimax powder (increases thermogenesis)

The composition of Phen375 tablets includes natural ingredients that contribute to the mobilization of fat and a quick weight loss:

Citrus Aurantium

Cayenne pepper

Coleus forskolii

Dendrobium Nobile extract

The unique combination of Phen375 ingredients and a higher content of caffeine contribute not only to long-term appetite suppression, but also help to effectively suppress sugar cravings and prevent overeating.

Both supplements contain optimal amounts of natural ingredients, thus contributing to an effective weight loss and pose no risk to human health.

Another important difference between the Phen375 and PhenQ is the cost of these dietary supplements.

  • When you buy just 2 packs of Phen375, the manufacturer provides 1 pack of this dietary supplement for free. Thus, the consumers may save € 53.70 for the purchase of 90 Phen375 tablets.

If you order 2 packages of PhenQ, you may get the third package of this supplement for free. When buying 120 tablets of PhenQ, the consumer has the opportunity to save € 97.90.

Phen375 is almost two times more expensive than PhenQ, but has a more powerful appetite suppressing effect.

If an obese person is not sure, whether he should choose Phen375 or PhenQ, he should bear in mind, when choosing a dietary supplement, that the cost of Phen375 is slightly higher than of PhenQ. Meanwhile, the anorexigenic effect exerted by Phen375 is higher than of PhenQ.

However, both supplements have a high safety profile and contribute to an effective weight loss.