Cost of Phen375 in UK

You want to buy Phen375 in the UK, but do not know how you can do it? Nothing could be easier. Just visit the official website of Phen375, spend a few minutes and order this weight loss drug online.

The cost of Phen375 tablets in the UK and any other country of the world depends on the size of the order.

If you want to order now, Phen375 costs:

  • € 53,30 – 30 tablets
  • € 106,59 – 60 tablets, and 30 tablets you will get for free
  • € 191,86 – 120 tablets, and 60 tablets you will get for free

Now, the more Phen375 packs you order in the UK, the lower the price per pill. If we use the best offer of the company RDK Global and order 180 Phen375 tablets, one tablet price decreases from € 1,78 to € 1,1.

Cost of normal delivery for Phen375 tablets in the UK is € 14.17. If you want to choose a priority delivery, shipping costs will rise to € 17.73. Postal insurance is included in the delivery.

If you order Phen375 every month during a 6-month period, you will spend about € 85. You may order a number of Phen375 pills for a 6-month course, and you will only spend € 14,17 for its shipment.

Phen375 usually comes to the UK within 5-10 business days. Order Phen375 today and after about a week, you will get the best non-prescription product for weight loss.