How does Phen375 work?

Dietary supplement Phen375 works in every direction that contributes to weight loss.

Weight reduction is achieved through eight different ingredients, whose interaction activates all processes in the body that lead to a reduction in excessive kilos:

  • L-carnitine;
  • Coleus forskohlii;
  • Calcium Carbonate;
  • Caffeine;
  • Citrus aurantium (bitter orange);
  • Cayenne pepper;
  • Chromium Picolinate;
  • Dendrobium Nobile.

L-Carnitine as part of Phen375 works as a fat burner.

This amino acid performs an essential function of transporting fatty acids into muscle cells. As a result, fat deposits decrease, and their oxidation enriches the body with energy, which is so necessary to the working muscles.

Natural L-Carnitine is found in animal products – milk, meat, and fish. However, when we adhere to a diet, our body may feel an acute shortage of this microelement. That is why Phen375 will be an excellent source of L-Carnitine for you, which is so important for weight loss.

Another active Phen375 ingredient performs the duty of fat burning as an energy source – Coleus forskohlii.


It stimulates cellular enzymes, which promote the release of acids from fat.


Cleavage of fat cells under the action of Coleus forskohlii increases thermogenesis.

  • A higher heat exchange creates ideal conditions for burning body fat. Fat, digested by the action of Coleus forskohlii, turns into an excellent source of energy, needed for sports.

Another ingredient of Phen375, whose job is to generate energy, is Calcium Carbonate. It stimulates the metabolism of lipid – trace elements, which make up the fatty tissue. The splitting of fatty acids under the influence of Calcium Carbonate reduces the amount of body fat.

Work on hunger management, as part of Phen375, is performed by Caffeine. This element slows down the carbohydrates processing in the colon. As a result, you eat smaller meals and stay satiated longer, when using Phen375.

It is also believed that food intake depends on the concentration of dopamine – the hormone that affects mood.

  • Caffeine is able to influence the level of this hormone. As a result, the use of Phen375, which contains Caffeine, reduces food cravings.

The duty of Citrus aurantium as part of Phen375 is aimed at accelerating the metabolism. This effect is achieved thanks to synephrine – a special alkaloid, which is a thermogenic. Citrus aurantium makes the body temperature rise. Increased thermogenesis makes the fat deposits burn actively.

Another thermogenic component of Phen375 is Piment de Cayenne.

  • Its work on heat generation is carried out thanks to the presence of such alkaloids, as capsaicin and capsinoids. These two ingredients increase the heart rate. Improved heart functioning under the influence of Cayenne pepper creates reserves of energy in the body, and you have the incentive to engage in sports.

However, the fat must be burned not only during physical activity.

Work on increasing energy expenditure at rest is excellently done by Chromium Picolinate. As part of Phen375, it increases the body temperature, thereby increasing the frequency of heart rate and heat.

In addition to improved heat transfer, Chromium Picolinate increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin. Insulin level directly influences the distribution of fat deposits in the body.

By increasing the concentration of this hormone, Chromium Picolinate is able to regulate the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

Improvement of the gastrointestinal tract operation will be made by another Phen375 components, Dendrobium Nobile.

  • This extract promotes gastric acid concentration. When you use Dendrobium Nobile, food consumed is digested much more quickly, without causing digestive disorders and stomach heaviness.

The combination of the 8 above mentioned ingredients is the ideal formula for weight loss. However, Phen375 works only in conjunction with a low calorie diet and is developed to improve its tolerability.